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Flipboard: News for Any Topic gathers all of the world’s stories and news in one place for your convenience.

The popular app has been redesigned and continues to be the best tool for anyone that wants to be in touch with current world events. Quickly get all the information you need about your favorite topics without having to check different apps and sources.

Flipboard is all about your personal passions. You can personally pick all your favorite topics and Flipboard will create a Smart Magazine for each one of them.

Expert voices, curated sources and recommended stories will be organized into one easy-to-access and beautiful magazine that you can read whenever you are. Keep up with all the stories relevant to your interests!

Publications available include The New York Times, CNN, The Washington Post, Forbes, Wired, National Geographic, Rolling Stone, and many of the best publications from around the world.

You can also create your own Custom Magazines. Add your favorite stories to a personal or group magazine, which you can share with people. Or create your own customized Smart Magazine with the best content from several sources, people, publications or hashtags.

There’s a whole world of people to discover and follow too. On Flipboard, you can follow other users who may share the same passions as you and discover what they like and what they have to share.

And, on the flipside, your comments, likes and shares will be useful to other users. You can contribute to a living Flipboard community, where news stories are shared on a daily basis.

Flipboard: News for Any Topic makes it easy to keep up with all the news from around the world and everything related to any of your passions!

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